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Want an Internet Cafe Business?
Want an Internet Cafe Business? (since March 3, 2007) is an additional services to our clients. Internet Cafe is a place where anyone can use a computer with Internet access for a fee.

Why invest with this kind of business? Because nowadays internet and gaming is a necessity to all teenagers who is addicted to internet surfing and playing multiplayer games.

Having this kind of business will make money for you. Within one year or more your investment will get back to your pocket.

REMINDERS: Before you get your store space be sure to give us a call, so we can plan on how your electrical wirings and tables should be setup properly and can recommend a better solution on your store space.

If your location is far away from Quezon City, you are required to provide vehicle service for transportation.

Before you can have an Internet Cafe Business you should have the following requirements.

1) Atleast Php 90,000 for 5 CPUs (including network switches) and Php 25,000 for 5 CRT Monitors (AVR is not included in this list). Again this only depends on your budget.

2) Business permit - this is the most important one, before you can get your DSL connection for your business the DSL provider requires you to have this.

3) Other permits - like baranggay, sanitary, etc. permits.

4) Store space - read the reminders above before doing this, needed for your internet cafe business the wider the space the better. Before installing your electrical wirings be sure you have first your computer tables or else we may encounter major problems.

5) Online Game CDs so we can install it. You may buy your own Games for installing.

6) DSL connection - have atleast 512kbps connection or the higher the better, it depends on your budget.

Note: If you have a tight budget, we may talk about this just give us a call.

How can I request a quote?
Yes, you may by just using the contact form.
Click here.

I am on a tight budget do you accept it?
Yes, we also consider if you are on a tight budget.
Click here.

How can I know the price of my required computers?
Yes, by just requesting a quote. You will get your pricing within 24-72 hours.
Click here.

All contact messages will be read by the Internet Cafe Business Team as soon as possible.
Because of some spam mails we cannot reply to your questions as possible.
Reply may take up to 2-3 days depending on our internet schedules.

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