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Apr 23 2024 01:49:25 pm
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Recent Topics

Are you looking for a Web Programmer?

If yes, then your on the right place! We offer this kind of service nowadays, because web technology is the latest generation of new marketing tool for your products or services. This will (1) boost your efficiency, (2) lessen additional expenses of manual system and (3) your tool to manage and coordinate with your customers or subscribers.

We provide the following:
Back-end/Server-side program through use of PHP and MySQL
Front-end/Page Layout using PHP and HTML editors
Image/Photo enhancement using Photoshop

Other services we provide are:
Internet Cafe business
Computer Repair/Computer Service

For more information and other inquiries, click Contact Us.


All about this website will be posted here. If you want to add anything here, just Contact Us!!! For more information or any questions, please don't hesitate to go to our Forum...

Different Layout

     The website layout is different with our name, why? It's because to attract visitors... Submit your own made template thru our FORUM. We will be glad that you can help us out with our community.

Our History

     Dino and Friendz was born at INFORMATICS Commonwealth where computer students are at ease with each other. We are here to provide information that we know. We are here to help those who are in need. Because we are Computer Educated.

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