Official Launching of M&K – Mark & Karen Facebook Page and Youtube Channel

This is to Officially Launch the Facebook Page and Youtube Channel of M&K – Mark & Karen.

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Daikin Split Type Inverter Aircon

The Daikin Split Type Inverter Aircon was successfully installed by RBIEL AIR (Daikin Authorized Service Provider) last 18 July 2020 a day after the unit delivery.

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We bought a new aircon

We recently bought a new split type aircon for our room, previously our aircon is a window type 0.75 HP for a room size of 10.34 sqm.

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We bought the TP-Link Deco E4 (3-pack)

We bought the TP-Link Deco E4 (3-pack), it consist the 1pc user manual, 3pcs Deco units, 3pcs ac adapters, and 1pc Slim/Thin LAN cable (which I did not use).

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Using Arduino Uno as JTAG for my Asus RT-N16

I recently bought an Arduino Uno board for the purpose of recovering my Asus RT-N16, which died on me more than a year ago.

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Online Remote Working sites

If you would like to work online in the comfort of your home, then this is for you.

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oDesk now Upwork

I have just recently noticed that oDesk became Upwork since its last newsletter last Sept. 30, 2011.

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Buying the Panther Gaming Chair

Seeing the post of gaming chairs and watching video reviews for the past few days we decided to reserved two (2) gaming chairs from Panther Gaming Gear via Facebook Messenger last 21 April 2020 however they told us that the stocks for Nylon footing is no longer available, so me and my wife discussed what should we do. Then the following day 22 April 2020 we made a decision that its okay to have the Steel footing for the gaming chair and we have another chat with Panther Gaming Gear that we will push through with our order but the footing is Steel. On 23 April 2020 in the evening they chat to advise us of the delivery the next day (24 April 2020) and we processed the payment of our order via Paypal for online payments because that is their only option for online payment.

We bought the following chairs:
One (1) Panther Nightfall – Pink & White = PhP4,490.00
One (1) Panther Nightfall – Black & Red = PhP4,490.00
Total: PhP8,980.00

Their courier is Transportify, you will need to wait for the delivery because its not only you who will be delivered of the gaming chair as there are other customers who will also be delivered by them. Our drop number is 5 on 24 April 2020, the driver texted us by 12:13PM for the delivery of the gaming chair. The only problem with Transportify is you do not have a way to track the delivery of your order, so you need to contact Panther Gaming Gear to track your order.

By 1:05PM, the driver of Transportify called to confirm the location of my house and at just that time I asked if what is their plate number because I saw from a far away a vehicle (Toyota Innova), the driver confirmed and proceeded in front of my house.


Its great to have this kind of chair, as you can work from home, that is the purpose of why we bought the gaming chair from Panther Gaming Gear. The chairs only needs a few minutes to assemble, its not that hard to do it, you will not be needing any screwdrivers for the assembling of the chairs as the screws are using allen wrench which is included inside the box, also a graphical instruction guide to assemble the chair is inside the box.


What I can say about Panther Gaming Gear is their Sales is very responsive during the Covid-19 crisis because if they did not sell online, their business will no longer be in business. On warranty, based on what I heard from youtubers their warranty claims has no problem, even the replacement of the item or part will be shouldered by the Panther Gaming Gear. They are offering Free Delivery during this crisis, so what are you waiting for, buy now while stocks last.

Need more comfort working from home or any gaming accessory needs?

Head to their website at

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Dalgona recipe

The latest trend in food comes with the recipe called Dalgona where you can make coffee, milo or any flavor you want. The texture of the main ingredient will be somewhat semi-thick (malapot in Filipino). It should float on top a glass filed with ice and half-glass of water (including the ice). If the Dalgona mix sink in the bottom of the glass it means that you did not properly mix the recipe.

It is so hard to make the said recipe beyond the massive youtube videos uploaded on that recipe. People or youtubers who makes such recipe should take note of viewers who has difficulty in making the recipe semi-thick (malapot in Filipino). Its so super-very-hard to imitate or copy the Dalgona recipe.

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DJI Mavic Mini experience

Well to tell you I have bought the DJI Mavic Mini since January 25, 2020 at i-Click Outlet SM Megamall and have use it quite sometimes. The only issue I encountered is one specific flight data on the DJI Fly app is not working but it had uploaded, I reported it last February 10, 2020. The reported flight data is Date: 2020-02-09 Distance: 897m Altitude: 162m Duration 15min, that specific flight data is not viewable or you cannot see the flight path done by the DJI Mavic Mini on the DJI Fly app. The support told me to send screenshots, logs (which is not working on the DJI Fly app) and screen recording of the issue.

However, last March 31, 2020, DJI released an updated version of the DJI Fly app that fixes the issue and they did not specify what issues has been fixed. It took more than a month to fix the issue with what I have experienced and they still did not list my mobile phone (Samsung Note 10 plus) as a supported mobile device for the DJI Fly app.

The DJI Mavic Mini is introduced for beginners like me and I am happy with it but I cannot use it in the current epidemic of the COVID-19. The flying of the DJI Mavic Mini will wait before it can fly again.

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