The present and future of Popcorn Hour A-400

I have a Popcorn Hour A-400 for quite sometime, currently the last firmware was released on 2016 and that is the last time Syabas Technology release such firmware for my Popcorn Hour A-400.

I am looking for ways to tweak or customize my Popcorn Hour A-400, I have used the CSI tool to customize the experience with my Popcorn Hour A-400 but still it lacks the true usage of a media box, the only thing I use in the CSI tool is an updated Transmission application for downloading movies through peer-to-peer. The current downloaded apps from the NMT App Store of my Popcorn Hour A-400 does no longer work and all apps in the NMT App Store is no longer supported by the app developers, so it means that there is no continuity of app support beyond the support life of my Popcorn Hour A-400.

Well hopefully someone can provide instructions on how to fully tweak or customize the Popcorn Hour A-400 or someone who has installed Android OS in the Popcorn Hour A-400. That way we can trully utilize the media box.

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