About my Lovelife

Well its not really a true to life LoveLife of me. But I want to share my side (not the experience because I haven’t experienced it yet).

Its all about a classmate since my High School life. She was so short-tempered (masungit), not that tall. Very simple, not that too beautiful. I like her if she is masungit even if she is starring at me whom I did not done any harm to her.

I just realized these feeling after my High School graduation, but she has already left the school before reaching 4th year High School.

I don’t know what to do that time, until I got a contact into her at friendster then I got also her YM ID with the help of my friend (JC Barrera) last June 2006. I was really happy that time until I was gotten out-of-mind. I had message her that hurt her or maybe I was not that cool, that was my last message to her.

I did not intend to do those really obvious messages, if she can read this message all I want to say is that “I’m really sorry for what I had done wrong to you. All I want is to be forgiven.”

If I had done something wrong, I stand to be corrected. I don’t really understand what the true feelings are for. If only there is a chance that someday I will understand what are those feelings are for.

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