team coc-erz ph a clan in Clash of Clans

We made a clan at Clash of Clans (CoC), its not only for Filipinos but to everyone also who want to enjoy playing CoC.

So, I am inviting everyone who wants to have war in CoC to join our clan “team coc-erz ph”, we will provide the best experience there is and have regular clan war from time to time but if there are no circumstances of errands in the house or at work, if we have spare time at home and at work.

Clan name: team coc-erz ph
Clan tag: #2P0R8CLP

Lets play Clash of Clans, right here, right now!

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Voice Recording Services

Hi to all!

Its been quite some time since my last post here. The good news is I am offering voice recording services. Because currently I have the basic equipment for the service I am talking to. And its technology I am talking about, by having this service that can compliment any of your applications. For the price, we can talk about it just head on to the contact link below.

My rig:
MXL990 Condenser Microphone

M-Audio MobilePre Audio Interface

For references, please visit the links:

For my voice reference, please visit my youtube channel:
And visit the songs that I have recorded, though my recorded singing is just a hobby.

If you have any questions you may reply here or contact me through the contact links on this website.

Contact link:

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Got a second-hand Behringer Xenyx 1222FX mixer!

Just got a second-hand Behringer Xenyx 1222FX mixer which is a rare model nowadays and on their site this model is being discontinued to be manufactured or related to that. It cost for about $214.29 but got a discount from the seller for $202.38 (where exchange rate is $1:PhP42) which bought last November 8, 2010, thats a big savings, its market price ranges from $240-$360 a $37.62 discount.

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Web Development

Today, almost every services are on the internet from store to an online store and many more. And because of that we are thinking to accept any web development offers from PHP, HTML Layout and Design, Image and Photo Enhancement, and other services that can be cater on the internet. To contact us use the contact link on the home page of our site.

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Behringer super very expensive in the Philippines

I am quite disappointed to see the difference of prices in the USA and in the Philippines, the Xenyx 1204USB price in the USA is $163.99 while in the Philippines its $326.19 that’s 50% more expensive than the USA price. In that price I can get a Xenyx 1204USB worth $163.99, two pieces handheld condenser microphones worth $39.99, two pieces 20 feet XLR microphone cables and including the $86 Express Mail Shipping by USPS in our country all worth $319.96 a $6.23 savings from the Philippine price. So, never buy from the Philippines where its very-very expensive and buy in the USA where its very-very cheap and very-very affordable.

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My typhoon experience

My last worst typhoon experience was the Typhoon Ondoy on Sept. 26, 2009, where I and my classmate are trapped on a flooded road from foot to knee (about 1.5 feet), we where half way from our home to the school and we did not get to our class at that time. Then we left the car and walk through the flooded road in order to get home safely. After a few hours on midnight I got to go home from my classmate’s home where we stayed until the weather was at normal.
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My Asus RT-N16 and its antenna upgrade

My Asus RT-N16 quite gave me positive results and provided more transfer rate than my Linksys WRT54GL v1.1. Just bought the Asus RT-N16 last June 4, 2010 which cost for about $136.98 including, shipping is on Express Mail International by USPS and arrived within 3 days. When it arrived I immediately tested its stock firmware v1.0.0.6 (router build date is Jan 2010) and give me some difficulties because it lacks the features of what I needed like NoCatSplash, Optware, Transmission (torrent downloader), etc. After testing the stock firmware I immediately loaded it with a third-party firmware called DD-WRT of course you need to load its trailer build (mini version for RT-N16) for the RT-N16 before you can load it with MEGA or BIG versions of DD-WRT and it goes smoothly. My download rates went up when using the RT-N16 because it has a powerful CPU on it but lacked the 5Ghz radio chip. Wireless signal went a few feet away providing better signal through our house.
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Friendster and Facebook recent times

Friendster and Facebook has rise at the same time but Friendster was the one that boomed at that time while Facebook was solely for the internal-school use. Then Facebook began to expand on the outside world of the school and making it the most used social networking site in the whole-wide-world. What more can these social networking sites  brings to us?

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A Job Hunting Quest!

Are you still looking for a job? Don’t you receive a call from the interviewee if your hired or something? Do you have an account with a Job Listing site and have sent your resume to companies that fits your skills?

If yes, you are not alone! I am also like that one who is still looking for a job after graduation last May 28, 2010 and has finished studies since December 2009. I did all necessary things to do in order to get a basic job, but nothing has called or emailed. Is my course “Information Technology” the right thing for my future job? Well, its my decision to take that path and nobody’s fault. Basically, we have to do it on our own to find the job that is right and is suited for us.

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Technology Evolves

Technology as of today changes from time to time, as new discoveries are being posted on news and used for the future. From a simple calculator to an extreme rig (for extreme gaming purposes). All of these surrounds us and is used on our daily lives. On a monthly basis something new comes out and techgeeks comes out really fast to buy it at first hand. So, are you into the new and latest technology?

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